Words from the Editor

The Queen’s Chinese Press (QCP) is the only bilingual publication campus, publishing in both English and Chinese. Formerly the Empress, established in 1994, the QCP serves the Queen’s community by being a platform for diverse voices that otherwise would not have been heard.
We provide the latest news and perspectives from Asia, foster communication  between different student groups, and host the ongoing dialogue between the Chinese-speaking population and the greater Queen’s public. Ultimately, the
QCP aims to raise cultural awareness within the Queen’s community.
Dear Readers, we act and we contribute because we care and believe in individual  endeavour in creating a vibrant campus with different faces and diverse voices. Please vote online during the AMS  Referendum (Jan.31st – Feb. 1st) and vote YES for the Queen’s Chinese Press, the only bilingual publication @ Queen’s.

We wish you a prosperous Year of the Dragon!

-QCP Editors

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2012: A year of possibilities

Written by Annabelle Wu

The start of a new year is always a significant turning point in people’s lives but there is admittedly slightly more hype concerning the year 2012 compared to the previous ones. Why is 2012 so important? One reason is that it’s rumored to be the year the world ends, as dictated by the Mayan calendar. To some, it marks the end of years of school and the beginning of a career. To others, it means we’re now approximately a month away from spring break and another few months away from summer vacation. Continue reading

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Tiger from the North: Vietnam – China relations

Written by Rebecca Snider

From Hanoi to Saigon, the consensus that China’s take-over of Vietnam is imminent is overwhelming. The Vietnamese no longer hold any resentment for the Americans as they welcome these tourists and their US dollars with open arms, showing genuine interest in their experience in Vietnam. During my stay in Vietnam this past summer, I was curious as to why such a negative attitude towards the Chinese existed. The answer comes from the Vietnamese government’s contracts with China, which allow them to mine Vietnam’s bauxite, a resource used for aluminum. Continue reading

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The Aesthetic City of Macau

Written By Renee Tse

Having not travelled to Macau for a few years, this rapidly changing city has recently become a popular destination for tourists within these past 3 years. From my memories , Macau did not have many high rises. However, over time Macau has turned into China’s “Sin City” with casinos and hotels sprouting up everywhere in unimaginable sizes and heights. Some of which are twice the size of its well-known shared name hotels you find in Las Vegas. Even though the casinos popularity has grown amongst Macau’s visitors and the “old city” is just a memory, Macau is still renowned for being true to its roots by retaining the culture and the standings of its historical buildings and neighbourhoods. With streets full of colour and history, it is a great inspirational site for local artists to sit and draw so they can forever be reminded of these beautiful historical images. Continue reading

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Assimilation into Canadian Culture: Whitewashing or not?

Written by Carol Wong

Banana, Jook-sing—all the variations of the term “white-washed.” The term “white-washed” is often thrown in and out of conversations. This is evident from the phrase “so and so is totally white-washed” to “I can’t speak Chinese, I’m totally white-washed.” It seems as though this terminology is either met with disdain or excessive pride. However, what exactly does it mean to be white-washed? Some people would call it assimilating into Canadian culture, but from a general survey, the four most common generalizations of white-washed Chinese I got from my peers were:

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Fan vs Analyst – The Return of the NBA

Written by Dingchao Zhang

The headline for this holiday in the world of sports is, no doubt, the “triumphant” return of NBA. The discussion turns once again to the eventual championship in June. Are the Miami Heat ready to win it all after their debacle against the Dallas Mavericks? Could the Los Angeles Lakers be in contention without Chris Paul and Lamar Odom? Would the Lob City Los Angeles Clippers be ready for prime time? Continue reading

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The QCP Survival Guide to Valentine’s Day

Written by Celia Hu

‘Twas the night before Valentine’s Day, and you (the boyfriend) have nothing prepared. Should you spend the night rushing to draw a half-baked card full of stick figures and little bubble hearts, or come up with a really good reason why celebrating Valentine’s is just a smart marketing gimmick?

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